Monday, July 20, 2009

Marvellous Monday Stuffs!!!

I'm going to jump straight into things today cos I already missed blogging last week and have so much to catch up on telling you all about.

Pose - Sports Illustrated 1991
Wearing -
Tropical Breeze ($120) from Pout

I love swimsuits and have a huge collection of bikinis, but finding stunning one piece suits is a bit harder when you are as picky as I am. I love the Tropical breeze strapless one piece from Pout though. It has a gorgeous tropical print and cute little bows on the hips and chest. I think its a very glamorous suit to wear to the beach or for lazing out by the pool.

Poses - Cameron - Vin Diesel #1 Jordan - Hello Lover #9
Wearing -
Tshirts ($75ea) from T Junction

I think the one thing I love most about T Junction matter how deluded Cam gets with his tshirt choices there, I can always find one for a comeback! This week he is under the misapprehension that he is The Incredible Hunk. ZOMG!!!! The shirts here never fail to amuse me and get me giggling. If fun shirts is your thing, then you neeeeed to check out this store!

Pose - Hello Lover #10
Wearing -
Vagabond Shirt ($275) from Lookr

Lookr has been a favourite store of mine for a while now and its a huge buzz having them here on Harlow with us. I love their designs and the textures they use are so yummy. I'm having the nawty lusties over this shirt though. Not only is it very very sexy worn with nothing underneath, but the colours and textures are amazing. In store is a bag of demos for you to pick up so you can try the clothing to see if you love it as much as I do. Such a fabulous idea!!!

Pose - Charlize Theron #4
Wearing -
Chandelier Earrings (Harlow Opening Gift) from Primagine

I missed the big Sim opening bash last weekend, and also missed collecting the wonderful gifts from our fabulous store owners. A couple did send me theirs and Primagine was one. These are probably no longer available, but I thought I would still show off the gorgeous earrings as an example of the fabulous jewellry you can find in store. The range is simply stunning.

The second main store on Harlow has been rented out to a very talented photographer. Ooh La La Studio is incredible. I peeked in earlier and was blown away by the examples and what they have done with the store. For this month only, there is a profile pic special running. Instead of paying the usual price of $500, you will only pay $350 for an amazing new professional profile pic - with a custom frame included. Check out more examples of their work here.

Well here it is - the very last store available to rent on the Harlow Sim. Its situated on the dock right beside the 7seas fishing area and is $250/wk for 50 prims. Not only do you get a fabulously designed store on a stunning Sim when you rent here, but you also get me blogging about your store, access to the Harlow subscribo group so you can promote your stores and new releases there, and now you also have the super Rhianna working to create fun and traffic-attracting events on the Sim that you can all participate in. We have an awesome group of store owners and staff here at Harlow and we all love to have fun and make things as pleasant, easy and fabulous for you. If you want to be the lucky last Harlow rentee, look me up and I'll set you up with your new store asap.

Don't forget the Bewitched Photo Contest we are running at the moment. The details are on the Striking Poses Flickr page, here on this blog, as well as in the group notices. We have some amazing prizes up for grabs, so check out the studio and let your creativity loose!!!

Also Zelly has popped out the MIDNIGHT MANIA BOARD with a pack of 3 no longer available poses in it. Run on in and give the board a slap and at midnight, it could be paying out if we reach the target! Don't forget to check out the rest of the fabulous deals in store and in the rest of the stores around Harlow.

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