Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thuper Thursday Things!

Its Thursday which means...almost the weekend!!!! I have some great things for you today, so I'm going to jump right into it!

Pose - Lady Gaga #4
Shape -
BloodRayne from Body Doubles
Background -
Grungy Stripes Texture #17 ($300 pack of 20) from Core

Her mother was human, her father a Vampire...she is neither. She is a Dhampir. Originally starting out as an action-adventure video game character, BloodRayne has inspired movies and even comic books. Body Doubles brings you BloodRayne as portrayed by Kristianna Loken in the 2006 movie, which I highly do not recommend seeing. The movie may suck eggs, but Rayne is a gorgeous Dhampir and is a shape all Vampire enthusiasts should have in their collection. This is one lady who kicks major butt! You need to have her in your shape collection!

I was looking through the amazing textures from Core, and found the perfect one for the picture backdrop. Featuring a gold skull and crossbones, this is an incredible texture and has such a lovely silky texture again. You need to check these out. They have so many uses and at $300 for a pack of 20, its a good buy.

Pose - Keeley Hazell #2
Wearing -
Georgette 2 ($225) from DollyRock
Background -
Grungy Stripes #13 from Core
Inset Pose - Bree (
Desperate Housewives Profile Reward no longer available)
Wearing -
Alice ($185) from DollyRock
Background -
Grungy Stripes #11 from Core

Yes I'm still in Princess Mode and wearing my tiara. It just goes with everything and looks fabulous with these two gorgeous dresses from DollyRock! First we have the Georgette 2 dress which is a variation of the Georgette gown released last week to celebrate St George's Day in England. Tradition is to wear a red rose through your lapel...or in this case, all over a gorgeous dress. The Georgette 2 dress comes with the shoes featuring a tiny rose on the top. Just stunning. Also new this week is Alice - a playful and cute dress in a pink gingham check with tiny hearts dangling from the bottom of the skirt. Looks like DollyRock's Alice beat the Queen of Hearts and is sporting trophies! Run on in to the mainstore and look under the subscribo - which you neeeed to hit up - and you'll see the Choc Bunny shirt still out as the free gift.

Pose - Cute Girl Dollarbie
Wearing -
Stars n Stripes ($350) from Rainbow's End
Inset Pose - Ashanti Dollarbie

From one of newest stores comes the patriotic Stars n Stripes dress. I feel like Miss America in this picture...and look like her too! Tiaras have that effect. From Rainbow's End, the Stars n Stripes dress comes with two skirt options...long and short...and also comes with shoes! The skirts look great when dancing and its just what you need cos July 4th isn't too far away really. Okay its 2 months away, but you can never have too much stuff right ladies??? Imagine all the parties and events you will need to dress up for! Like we need an excuse though!

I missed Ake yesterday, but she will be back with us tomorrow with more fabulous pictures and poses from Striking Poses to show us. I enjoy watching how she uses them in creative and inspiring ways.

The Boutique Stores are up on the third floor of the Striking Poses mainstore. There are teleporters dotted all around the store for a quick trip upstairs, or you can use the stairs. We have a fabulous group of stores up there, all with LMs to their mainstores if you would like to check out more of their ranges.

See you on Saturday!!!!

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