Saturday, May 2, 2009

Using your imagination!

Hello there!

I am sorry I haven’t managed to post sooner, I was caught with real life things. I no longer have a real life job! Weeee! I know you are all probably wondering why that makes me happy, well I was depressed and the job really got me down, but now I am freee! :p

First up I have some pictures with using the single poses based on this week’s collection Audrey Kitching, so ... let’s start it!

Audrey Kitching 10

Pose 10 looks like a casual pose to hook up to your HUD. Every day, every hour, it always has that kind of cool style that can be used when you finish your long walk on the catwalk!

Audrey 10

The next pose is number 7

Audrey Kitching 7

No matter how the real life picture looks, you can always use this pose for some nice photo shots. It’s ideal for those magazine shots and if you go a step further and actually laugh out loud you can surprise your friends with a cheerful reaction, wwwoooohhaaaaa!!!

I’ve decided to be serious.. MmmMMm why so serious? ;)

Audrey 7

Last pose, number 2

Audrey Kitching 2

When I saw this pose I immediately thought about being in a party and getting a man over me "Don't touch me" ... but then, I let my imagination go further and well ... you will see ;) ... however, this pose has kind of traditional style. You are the Queen, don't let anyone look down on you!

Audrey 2

Okay ... I thought about an anime series ... hehehehe ...

Well my ladies, I hope you enjoyed this selection, wasn't easy to decide what to show you because all poses look awesome (as always), you just go for your favorites or if you are like me get the full fatpack on your hud ;)

See ya during the week!


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