Friday, May 22, 2009

Gillions of dollarbies at Striking Poses


Friday is finally here and the weekend has just started, how nice, well for me it is like a normal day, how I stay at home now :P

So so ... here we go with the dollarbies to finish the week with.

We have this lovely girl called Anne Hathaway, and you can buy her pose for 1L! I like this pose very much because it's another kind of stand that says "worry" ... it is when you make a mistake and say "I shouldn't do that" but ... in my case, I never regret what I have done in my life

Anne Hathaway Dollarbie

Zelly never forgets the boys and that is why she has this awesome dollarbie based on Marlo Brando, this time I had to ask my lovely Spad to pose for me, and well ... here it is, my georgious man in a fabulous pose. The legs almost crossed and the head in a kind of "are you talking to me babe?" makes this pose really cool and interesting.


My third selection is not based on a celebrety, but that doesn;t mean it's not a good pose! in fact ... it is really good! A friend said to me "that pose is hot" so ... what do you think? .... beggin for mercy? or being a naughty girl?

Sexy Kneel Dollarbie

Okay, I hope you like all the poses, I really don't know what else to show you and I am hoping our dear Zelly will come back soon ... because I'm running out of ideas!!! (anyway I'm too much smart not to come up with new ideas xD)

And I hope I can tell you all about our project soon, because with Jordy we can not keep the secret no longer!! ... but don't put pressure on us or we'll tell all and then we'll be fired XD

Don't forget, if you are missing some old dollarbie?, Then don't forget that you can find them all at XStreetSL!

Ake! :3

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Kellie Iwish said...

Oh that is such a cute way to wear that collar! <3