Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back With Boutique Goodness!

Things have been all over the place lately. There's the top secret project we're all busy working on, as well as surprises for you all. Not to mention I keep forgetting what day it is in SLT so I keep missing my blogging days! Zelly's sending me to the naughty corner as soon as I'm done here.

Pose - Angelina Jolie #2
Wearing -
Delicious from Jazmyn D

I've just moved to a new Sim and I'm having fun exploring and making a new home for myself. On my travels I found the perfect spot for showing off the new lingerie from Jazmyn D. It has a gorgeous corset with a silver heart detail above the bow and adorable tiny pair of panties. Its the perfect set of the playful woman who wants to tempt her partner.

New from Body Doubles this week comes an icon! Born in 1923, Bettie went on to become the pin up and fetish model of the 1950s. With her trademark bangs and sultry looks, Bettie went on to inspire and influence many artists. If you love old fashioned glamour and style, then the Bettie Page shape is the one for you. Along with it someone a style card so you can make over your avatar to look like the picture on the box.

New from DollyRock this week is Calista. A sexy tank with gorgeous trim detailing, jeans with matching patches and a hat make up this sexy and casual outfit that is perfect for a lazy summer day hanging out in the park or walking along the beach. It comes in 5 wonderful colours, so there is bound to be the one for you. If you haven't checked out DollyRock's new home, what are you waiting for? It has a rainforest complete with a hidden grotto for photo opportunities, Paradise blankets for you to use alone of with a special someone and the shopping is incredible.

Don't forget to keep checking in for more fab poses from the archives, dollarbies, photo ideas and teases about the surprise we have in store.

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