Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Get Paris NOW!!!

Heyyy!!! How’s everyone doing?

I hope all of you have been having a good week, for me it’s been really busy but I have to say it’s been a great week so far. I no longer have a RL job, so that’s meant this week I’ve managed to focus on my personal stuff some of which is needs to be dealt with urgently … All I need is luck, so girls please wish me luck!

This week we don’t have a new release, but I do have some of the older releases that I’m sure you will all love. I had named this week’s star in lasts week post, I hope you all remember? If not, well today we have Paris Hilton. I have chosen her, as I just love the poses Zelly had produced based on her, the sitting poses are just.. well.. awesome, Zelly has taken the best out of this girl and voila this is what you have:

Paris Hilton Fatpack

The fat pack not only contains sitting poses (7 of them!) but also contains 3 lovely standing poses. On Friday I will post some of my ideas for using these poses and you will realise how simple and fascination it can be to have a Paris in your life.

Don't forget all members of our group will enjoy the fantastic gifts Zelly has every month for you, or of course the weekly dollarbie or be one of the happy winners with the "weekly drawing" with fabulous new releases as prize.

Oh ... I hope you had all been able to stop at our boutiques, they have lots of lovely things that you should see (and purchase!), and the prices are super cheap! I just bought some nice pants that I wore for a Fashion Show last week, I looked stunning!

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Love ... Ake :)

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