Friday, May 15, 2009

Inside our Lucky Chair

Alreet pet?!

Today I bring you all some nice pictures using the poses from the lucky chairs, I wanted to show you how good these poses actually are and how easy you can create the most fantastic pictures or to put them on your hud (something that I always remind you to do ).

I went ahead and chose 5 of them to show you.

Lets start with Pose number 9 based on Vanessa Paradise, a lovely pose, the hand on the face makes it a delicate and feminine stand.

pose 09

The next poses are really good to make some sexy look, my first choice was to make a doble shoot, 2 girls posing in one picture.

pose 1 and 28

If you like this poses, take a note:
Pose at the left (black dress) is number 1 based on Anna Netrebko, and
Pose at the right (white jacket) is number 28 based on Nicole Scherzinger

The next one I needed my boyfriend's help, he is kind of shy boy so doesn't like to be in pictures, and don't talk about THIS kind of pictures (to be honest, I must take the shots quietly, if not, he will never pose for me *giggles*)

pose 19

This is pose number 19 based on Stephanie Seymour, a very nice pose, so provocative and why not to say ... sexy.

pose 14

My last picture is pose number 14 based on Tila Tequila, This pose is a very fresh one and really well done, I just modify the idea of the original picture and did this sexy shot to show you that the poses from Striking poses can be used in many different ways.

So my dear fellow girls, I hope you enjoy these Striking Lucky Chair Poses and come to the our main store and wait for yours.

See ya soon!!

XOXO .. Ake!

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