Thursday, May 7, 2009

Friday On My Mind...

Its been one heck of a week, and I am so glad its almost over! Its definitely one I will be happy to see the back of.

My life might have been suckful this week, but the new stuff at the Striking Poses Boutique Stores have been anything but!

Inset - Stud Lip Ring from Core
Cuppycake Lounger
from Core

Thank you to Kristya from Core for bouncing over to my place this morning and taking these awesome pics for me! The lip ring is fabulous! With the Monroe beauty spot piercings either side on the top lip and a labret one under the ring which pierces the bottom lip. There's a nose piercing too, but you cannot see due to the picture angle. Another new release is the Cuppycake Lounger which comes with 8 built in sitting poses. Yummeh!!!!! I could just dive on in and nom this all up! Its a fabulous novelty item from Core! Also added to the Core mainstore Lucky Boards is a new and exclusive, never to be sold in the store, pair of Heartz Short Shortz! These kick serious (no pun intended, or maybe it is) butt!

Pose 1 - Dita Von Teese #5
Pose 2 - Doutzen Krous #6
Wearing -
Covet (Discovery Hunt Gift) from Pout

I mentioned the fabulous Covet in Lilac from Pout in Monday's blog. Its not on sale in the shop and is a hunt exclusive, till the end of the month anyway. Here's your chance to grab it for free before anyone else can even buy it! It comes in 3 skirt styles; long and elegant, slanted and playful and sexy there is something for every occasion.

Pose - Audrey Kitching #7
Wearing -
Django`s Cat from Medusa's Joy

I have an interesting and playful outfit this week for you from Medusa's Joy. Complete with scripted tail, cap, full loaded belt and even a should rat friend, this is sure to make you stand out in a crowd. Don't forget to check out Medusa's Joy for more wonderful and unusual designs.

Fresh off the block at Body Doubles is Jennifer Aniston. Now some might fancy her, or be on Team Aniston...I just wish she would stop whining about Brad. Its been years!!! Get over it already! Regardless, its yet another stunning shape from Body Doubles. I don't know how they do it, but time after time, they get it right! With the shape, you get a style card with skin, hair, eyes and everything else you need to make your Avi look like the stunning picture on the board.

Hope you have had a better week! I'm looking forward to the weekend thats for sure. Zelly will be back with us and I don't know about you all, but I have missed her and her fabulous new releases. You can still check out all the previous pose goodness at the Striking Poses Mainstore or on XStreet. There's also a flickr page to show off your creative uses for them.

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