Monday, May 11, 2009

Yay New Week!!!!!

Its a new week, and one I am looking forward to. My drama llama has been well and truly bbq-ed and life will be drama-free for this bunch of pixels from now on!

Lets see what I have found for you from the Striking Poses Boutique Stores this week.

Pose - Adriana Lima #4

From Body Doubles I have the super sexy supermodel Adriana Lima! This Brazilian beauty is a mix of French, Portugese, Native American and Caribbean. Her stunning curves will make any woman look amazing!!! With the shape you receive the styling card so you can look like a supermodel too, or just add your own style to it and make your own unique look for it.

Pose - Audrey Kitching #10
Wearing -
Military Salute ($149) from Jazmyn D

You'll be ready to invade and take over any Sim in this stunning outfit from Jazmyn D. Sexy booty shorts are teamed up with a flyaway tank top and helmet in a classic camo print. You'll stand out at any Camo Event or look great for manoveurs with someone special. Don't forget to check out the Jazmyn D mainstore for more special deals, Midnight Mania and the Discovery Hunt.

Pose - Audrey Kitching #9
Wearing -
Anita ($250) from DollyRock

DollyRock has opened a new store on their Sim and its seriously wonderful! I had a great time looking around it on the weekend. Unfortunately I missed the opening party. Timezones being what they are, it was at around 4am my time and I was off dreaming about...well lets get back to the fabulous DollyRock. The Anita was the opening freebie, but its now being offered for sale. A strapless column melts down the body and a trainlike skirt adds a sexy touch. It looks great when you walk and so special when you are off dancing with your someone special. Don't forget to check out the incredible winning pictures from the DollyRock/photoLIFE competition. Congrads to all who entered and to those who took the top awards.

Zelly is back hard at work in her workshop this week and I am certainly looking forward to what she surprises us with this week! I'm sure its going to be spectacular!

Don't forget to check out the older poses that Ake has been reminding us of and the awesome dollarbies in the centre of the store. They are also available on XStreet!

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