Sunday, May 3, 2009

Saturday Stunners!

I'm a wee bit on the late side posting today...sorry bout that! Finally managed to get my pics done, so lets get into it!

Pose 1 - Audrey Kitching #6
Wearing -
Group Gift ($1) from Divalicious
Pose 2 - Ursula Andress Lucky Chair Pose
Wearing -
Discovery Hunt Gift ($0) from Divalicious

From one of our newest Boutique Stores comes two fabulous gift dresses! I was checking out the Discovery Hunt and found a few of our stores in it, so I just had to bounce on over and hunt out the magnifying glass. At the Divalicious mainstore I not only found it, but also the fabulous group gift! The design of the dress and the fabric used for it are absolutely sexy and stunning! I love the jewel feature at the cross over of the straps. Its a perfect cocktail dress for any occasion. The Discovery skirt and top outfit is gorgeous too! This is one store you need to spend some time checking out. Both outfits came with the jewellry worn in the pic. Check the store out on the third floor of Striking Poses and I bet you will be grabbing a landmark and heading over to check out the rest of the range asap!

Pose 1 - Audrey Kitching #5
Wearing -
Discovery Hunt Gift ($0) from Milady's Fancy
Pose 2 - Courtney Cox Dollarbie
Wearing -
Tasta Silks ($0) from Milady's Fancy

Another store participating in the Discovery Hunt is Milady's Fancy. I love this dress! From the gorgeous trim across the bodice, the fun zebra print down to the flirty lace skirt...its an incredible gift! When I was hunting at the mainstore, I stumbled across the free silks in a brilliant green. The choice of fabrics is lovely, as is the striking colour chosen. The design is just so yummy. I also spent some time checking out the rest of the range at the store. I'm awed by the talent and spectacular clothing there. Check it out!

Pose 1 - Angelina Jolie #8
Pose 2 - Anne Hathaway Dollarbie
Wearing -
Discovery Hunt Gift ($0) from xTotalxBettyx

Last but by no means least in the stores I found in the Discovery Hunt is xTotalxBettyx. From that wonderful store comes a gorgeous dress for summer with two shirt options. First is a fun and flirty ruffled skirt that moves down the torso and ends high on the thigh. Secondly is an empire type full skirt which ends just above the knees. In a lovely shade of buttery yellow, its a sunny addition to anyone's inventory. Don't forget to check out the new design of their mainstore and stunning new releases!

So many stores spoil us month after month with gifts either through groups, in store or in hunts. I would like to thank the owners and designers for their endless generosity and hope that others, like me, spend some time checking out the rest of their stores, maybe save a lm or make purchases or even find a new favourite store. I have found many of my favourites that way and have become a frequent shopper in them.

The Striking Poses Boutique Stores are up on the third floor of the Mainstore. If you haven't checked them out yet, you don't know what you are missing. Don't forget to check out the Flickr Group to see some amazing pictures from the talented people in SL using Zelly's poses in amazing and creative ways.

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