Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Do you want some Dollarbies?


I must tell you before I start I am falling alseep, I ended up going to bed at 4am. I spend all night chatting with some friends from Taiwan they just love to spend their time chatting with me, but I guess I'm the same *giggles* then I was woken up at 9am to hand out my CV to a company.. so I'm really sleepy :p

Here I am with my pictures and my ideas for you all to copy. As promised I bring you some of the dollarbies that are ready to be bought by you at our Main Store and the best part ... they are all 1L!

My first picture is the Monica Bullucci dollarbie, classic and elegant pose, with both arms at the back.This pose can easily be used for models or designers to show their entire suit.

Monica Belluci

My Second picture is using the Donna Summer pose, also in our main store and also costs 1L! ... This pose is different to the typical stand ones, the head looks up as though you were looking at the sky, and the hands are in front of the stomach, making this pose so lovely and natural.

Donna Summer

And finally, my last choice for today is the pose based on Coco Roche, this pose is one of the orignal and extremely well made, just look at the hands and legs, the position of them are so straight and make the pose look special. In my opinion, this pose is perfect for original shots.

Coco Rocha

If you are new or a person that wants to try different and original poses, this is your chance to get these fabulous dollarbies and realise how great the poses from Striking Poses are.

See ya tomorrow my lovely fellow ladies.

XOXO ... Ake!

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