Friday, May 8, 2009

Pose with Paris

Good Evening!

I will get stuck right in and start with my pictures, why you ask? Well, I’ve been a busy little girl and made four of them for you all to see! I don’t normally do this but this week’s all the poses are just stunning and I got carried away when I was writing the review for them., just a shame I couldn’t do them all.

Onwards we go, this post is based on the Paris Hilton poses, and I’m going to start with pose number 4, this is one of three of the stand poses available.

Paris Hilton 4

Using my imaginations and my creative mind I decided to take this pose and wear this lovely Lolita dress, with this dark background. Doesn’t it just scream “Should I do it?” with a guilty attitude, don’t you think? I like how the hand goes up behind the head and the legs, makes the pose look rather cute like a little girl standing up.

Paris 4

My next choice was pose number 10.

Paris Hilton 10

When I first saw this pose the first thing that came to mind was how casual, relaxing and fresh this pose looks, and I thought it would be perfect for the kind of shots I produced. Maybe it's a nice idea for you to copy and produce a new picture for your home :)

Paris 10

Next up is pose number 3.

Paris Hilton 3

Okay, I must confess that when I saw this picture I thought immediately on my boyfriend Spad, isn't it a great idea to surprise your partner with while wearing sexy underwear or a sexy dress? ... I think this pose can be used not just for a simple shot, don't you? It is sexy and elegant, mmm how does it look if you use it over the bed? ... What a nice surprise gift for your man ;)

Paris 3

OKay, this is my last choice, Paris Hilton Pose Number 7

Paris Hilton 7

This is another sexy pose that has many uses and not just for shots. What about sitting over your boss desk with hot outfit? ... That is what came to my mind. I think that Zelly really took that essence from Paris's photo, the legs are really well made, hands and torso are in a perfect position , I really like this pose, provocative and sensual.

Paris 7

Okay my fellow Ladies, I hope you liked my selection from Paris Hilton Collection, don't forget that it’s an old collection, so if you like them, you have to look over the Modern celebrities posters.

I want to thank to two people who helped me make these shots, one is Cerberus Noel, my best friend in SL, she is the owner of *G Field* she gave me the pink dress "*GF* Frilly Mini Dress "Dolly" for this shot, it’s a new release and is already out in stores.

The other girl who helped me was Marie Ruggles, who is the owner of "Elle er Lui _ Monte Carlo" store and she has made those fabulous boots "Cuissardes Emo Goth_Black" that you can see in the picture with pose 7. Wondering why I want to thank her? It's simple.. the boots you see me wearing were specially made to fit my leg shape, just for me!!! how awesome was that of her? So a big thanks to both Cerberus and Marie! THANK YOU!


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