Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wo0t Its The Weekend!!!!!

Welcome to the weekend! You know what that means...more goodies from the Striking Poses Boutique Stores!!!!

Pose 1 - Jean Shrimpton #8
Pose 2 - Fay Wray #10
Wearing -
Katherine Gown ($250) Short Dress and Gown Options from Joyful Designs

A new addition to the Striking Poses Boutique family is Joyful Designs. As Zelly said when I mentioned it to her...what a happy name! Not only that, but some of the cutest and elegant gowns at wonderful prices too! The Katherine gown is just one of the glamorous designs you will find there. Not only is it classy, but the colours are such gorgeous jewel tones that you will fall in love. As a bonus, there is a minidress option for more casual occasions. Come on in and check out the fabulous Joyful Designs.

Pose 1 - Kristen Stewart #2
Wearing -
Belted Freebie ($0) from Medusa's Joy

Pose 2 - Maxim 0608 Shannon Elizabeth
Wearing -
Bite Me (Top Designer Hunt Gift) from Medusa's Joy

I just love the generosity of designers in Second Life. They never cease to amaze me with the gifts they give to us all either through groups, hunts or store freebies. I popped on into the Medusa's Joy mainstore and came across these two wonderful gifts from MeritKay to us all. First was the Belted Freebie set. I just love a casual jeans outfit to wear when I'm wandering around or just hanging out. This set is just perfect for those occasions. As part of the Top Designer's Hunt, Medusa's Joy has the Bite Me dress as their gift. Its different, fun and funky! You're bound to turn heads when you wear this number! There is also a sale going on at the moment, so don't miss out on a bargain!

Pose - Charlize Theron #1
Wearing -
Victoria ($50) from Katz

If you're wanting to stock up your inventory with fun, sexy and awesome clothing, run on in to Katz this week because everything in store is marked down from $50 - $100. If you're after something sexy and casual, then the Victoria set is just right for you. The laced top is so sexy and makes this outfit something special. Don't forget to check out their mainstore for more extraordinary bargains!

Body Doubles has done it again! At this rate I'm going to need an army of alts to stand around my home in Body Double yumminess! You don't get more yummy than Hugh Jackman!!! Whether you loved him as Wolverine (how could you not?) or as a bit of rough in Australia, he is one delicious hunk of Man-Meat! You can't go wrong with the man voted Sexiest Man Alive in People magazine for 2009! Also new this week to Body Doubles is Naomi Campbell. Supermodel, superdiva and supersexy! At $600 each, they will sex up any avatar! As always...its the SHAPE you are buying at Body Doubles. Included in each pack is a notecard detailing the skins, hairs, eyes etc that went into making the shape look like the celebrity!

As you can see, I was successful in my appeal to LL and I'm back! Fingers crossed that Ake is back with us tomorrow with more Striking Poses reminders of the fantastic poses Zelly has in the store that we might have forgotten about. She is hard at work making some new poses for us this weekend, as well as a fabulous new group gift, so if you haven't joined, now is the time!!!!

Enjoy your weekend!

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