Thursday, April 9, 2009

Striking Poses in Festa di Primavera

Hello people!

This is one of the most exciting days ever at Striking Poses ! I am so much happy to be part of it, and to be one of Striking Poses girls .. Thanks Zelly!

As you know we are going to take part in our first ever Fashion Show, and I am here to tell you all the details about it and tell you which designers are goning to be taking part!

So, lets begin, here is the list of designers (What a list!!)

Alatiel Fashions
Anubis Style
Atelier Bonetto
Emporio JaDa
Klara Waco's style
Orage Creation
Sartoria Italiana
ZiaMela Loon - Jador fashion
Ashira Legien
Alienbear's Design
BB Biddle boots
Blood Diamond Jewelry
Kal Rau
Striking Pose
.... and more....

Woooaaaaw ... What a list eh? lots of my favorite designers!! *dances* and with these designers come some amazing models:

Antuanet Forcella,
Cameras Oh,
Daniela Enoch,
Elena Ewing,
Fiammetta Laville,
Gigi Wirefly,
Lorelei Maggs,
Mely Gibbs,
Queen Emmons,
Rhonda Pennell,
R0se Seoung,
Tabata Jewell,
Tempesta Rosca,
Tk Waco. Lorenz Hax,
Salvo Waydelich ---> *waves*
Zio Morpork &

Welcome team: CleopatraMilky Ruby & Kayle Cristal

Take a taxi, take the subway, drive your car or ride your bike, and come on over and see us at Festa Di Primavera this Thursday at 1:00pm SLT

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See you there!!

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