Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's never too late!

"It’s never too late" (this is the title)

Right then, I find it is never too late to show you some of the older poses that we have. Some of our older readers may have seen them before, but many of our newer readers haven’t. Either way there is no harm in me posting them again for you all. :D

Just to remind you all, you have two options for buying these poses now, one of them is buying directly from our in game store, and the other is from browsing the XStreet website (look at the bottom of the page for links).

We all go window shopping, if you visit us in game you can try before you buy! Or if you are browsing XStreet you can add those poses you love to your favourites list. You should all be aware of the selection we offer and the different style every pose has, if you are unsure you know where to find us!

All this talk about older releases, I have a girl for you, she is a extravagant, she is Gwen Strefani and the poses come with her exquisite personality!

Gwen Stefani Fatpack

I have no doubt (“No Doubt” see what I did? ;)) you’ll all be buying this fantastic fat pack, you will find the poses capture the fun side of life and they are very original, just come on over and pick one up for yourself! You won’t regret it!

Like always, I find myself playing around with my trusty camera and I took these pictures just to show you how good the poses are!

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See you on Friday!

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