Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Repeat after me.... GA GA

Another day is here, the weeks seem to be going by faster now. I have to confess I had forgot about writing review on the older poses, that’s why I’ve decided to dedicate this week to “Lady Gaga” (as you may have noticed, this is the only release for this week).
Maybe you are tired of hearing about her, but you still want to hear more! Just look at the fabulous work Zelly has put into these unique and original poses, this is why I’ve chosen the one that I love the most and then using this pose I have worked on some special photos … all for you girls!
As you can see below, this is pose Nº9, when you buy a single pose you will get this advert. You are probably wondering how this pose looks when used within the SL environment? … well I’m here to show you that part of Striking Poses.
Lady Gaga 9 Pose
Many Ideas come to my mind with these poses, you don’t just have to use it for photo shoots, it can also be a good pose to add to your huds.
Lady Gaga 9 by Striking Poses
This pose has a mixture of classic stand and a modern elegance, just imagine yourself standing in a store, while you go shopping, or in a bar, with a posh dress, or at the catwalk, after your sexy cool walk, you stand with this pose and show the audience the good taste on you and the designers amazing collection … as I said, classic with style … I love it!
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