Friday, April 17, 2009

TGIF Boutique Yummies!

Yay its Friday! In the Second Life world anyway. It does get confusing living a day ahead of SL and always having to think a day behind. I get so disorientated!

Enough about that and on to the latest goodies from the Boutique Stores!

Pose - 0309 Playboy Russia
Wearing -
She's a Peach Cupcake ($100) from xTotalxBettyx

I absolutely love this dress! So much so that I stalked a lucky board all day to get the hair and went off Ballet Boot shopping so I could have a "ballerina look" to wear with it. But its perfect for any occasion, not just for playing ballet! The ruffled skirt and addition of the sculpted flower on the decollatage are what makes this a totally gorgeous dress for going out dancing or any time you want to look glamorous and beautiful! At only $ can you not add this to your inventory?

Pose 1 - 1008 Playboy Russia
Wearing -
70s Print Tank Top ($75) and Skinny Pants in Black ($85) from SySy

Pose 2 - Snow Bunny #3
Wearing -
Dreamer Top in Lilac ($75), Skinny Pants in Black ($75) and Amber Set Scarf ($225 for whole outfit) from SySy

With summer coming up, you can never have enough tank tops and the 70s Print Tank Top from SySy is a classy and sexy one that will dress up any pair of jeans or skirt. At only $75, you can grab more than one and look great all summer long! Also perfect for a gorgeous summer day is the Dreamer Top. With the delicate lacey crochet layer over the shirt which extend down the arms and bottom, its a lovely top. Coming in tucked and untucked versions, it a steal at only $75!

Pose - Snow Bunny #2
Wearing -
Gift Dress from G Sloane Couture

Its amazing what you find when you poke around our Boutique Stores. I found this sexy number at the G Sloane Couture store as her gift for women. There is also one for men. With sheer and dark panels over the bodice and skirt, its a very sexy and elegant dress for a classy night out. Check out the rest of the clothing when you swing by to pick this up, cos you might find the perfect outfit you have been looking for!

Pose 1 - Fay Wray #9
Wearing -
1000 Group Gift from Clover

Pose 2 - Jean Shrimpton #8
Wearing -
Sonia Dress (Group Gift) from Clover

If you haven't checked out Clover yet, you have no idea what goodies you are missing out on. Not only are the clothes super affordable and gorgeous, but the main store has so many super things like lucky chairs and group gifts. I joined the group and grabbed some yummy goodness from Clover like the Dotty Dress and skin that was in the 1000 Member Group Gift and then hit the previous group gift wall and picked up the Sonia Dress and some other yummies I will share with you another time.

Long before Leonardo and Clare rocked Shakespeare, there was Olivia and Leonard in the 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet, which will be remembered for the first cinematic version of the play to have actual teenagers playing the roles of the doomed lovers. Body Doubles brings you a new shape - Oliva Hussey! A sexy mix of English and Argentine, Olivia is a gorgeous addition to your shape collection. With her comes the styling card with skin, hair etc suggestions to make your new shape look like the picture above.

We have many more fabulous stores up on the third floor of Striking Poses, so if you haven't checked them out yet, look at all the goodness you are missing!!! We have some of the best stores displaying some of their best products with us at fabulous prices. There is a TP link on the teleporters around the store, so if you have stair issues like me, you can just beam on up!

We have a vacancy, so if you are interested, give me a yell and I'll hook you up. For $200/week, you get 50 prims and me promoting you on this blog weekly!

Keep checking XStreet for more of Zelly's fab dollarbie poses and don't forget the wonderful RFL pose, Lean on Me. Its one of my favourites!

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