Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Vintage forever with Striking Poses


As you know Zelly is taking a break over these weeks, but that doesn’t stop her little minions from working. Yup, no holidays for me till I’m back at England, it’s all work work! xD

I have for you an old classic celebrity, Bette Davis. She is well known for the movies she stared in, and the 10 Oscar nominations she received for them. We can’t forget how glamorous and how beautiful she was with the vintage elegant look of the 30’s, and of course Zelly took all these points and put them into the poses for you.

Bette Davis Fatpack

Vintage fashion seems to be all the age these days, with everyone wearing the old elegant clothing, that’s why at Sticking Poses we thought you would appreciate the detail that has gone into these poses that allow you to not only wear your vintage style clothing, but to also pose in that unique vintage style. Add these wonderful poses to your HUD and show everyone the elegant lady within!

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Okay, I'm not wearing Vintage ... but of course I use the poses, I want to be a modern vintage girl ;)

And Coming next ... all about the Feast of Spring Fashion Show!!!

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