Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Its Monday Already???

I've got some really lovely things to share with you today, so let's jump right into it!

Pose - Charlize Theron #7
Wearing -
Choc Bunny Shirt ($0) and Jackee Cargo Pants (previously blogged) from DollyRock

DollyRock is still in Easter mode with this free crop top! Its sure to tempt anyone with its cute choc bunny head and the text "I haz chocolate" is sure to have people talking. Its a cute little freebie from the wonderful DollyRock, so run on in and see if it is still there. Its a shirt you definately want to have in your inventory! Whilst you're there picking up your free shirt, check out the DollyRock/photoLIFE photo contest. You could win fabulous prizes by taking a picture of yourself in one of DollyRock's gorgeous outfits and entering it on their Flickr page. What a great reason to buy some of the amazing DollyRock clothes!!! Your Striking Poses poses will be perfect for this too! Oh more news...there is a super duper sexy bargain to be found at their main store. A special dress going for $50l this week only! See if you can find it!

Pose - Liv Tyler #3
Wearing -
Mademoiselle Fleur ($125) from SySy

Inset Pose - Playboy 0309 Germany
Wearing -
Beans on Toast ($275) from SySy

Elegant is how I would describe the Mademoiselle Fleur dress. Its the classic strapless form fitting dress which ends just above the knees for a sexy touch. The fabric has a gorgeous starburst pattern which gives it a sparkling look without the bling. I have had the lusties for this dress for a while now, and when I saw it was down to $125, well its now in my inventory!!! For a sexy Autumn/Winter look (for us in the Southern Hemisphere anyway) is the Beans on Toast dress. I just love that name too. It comes with matching long socks with slouchies at the ankles and knees. The flares at the wrists and the low cut neckline give this dress a super sexy look for any professional lady or just for anyone who wants to dress to impress!

Pose - Doutzen Krous #6
Wearing -
Alexis ($150) from Clover

Inset 1 Pose - Keira Knightley #3
Inset 2 Pose - Sarah Michelle Gellar #2
Wearing -
Summer Top ($75) from Clover

Another great classy professional look comes from the Alexis outfit from Clover. Comprising of a jacket layer pink top with a rolled neck collar and black belt over a black leather sculpted skirt, this is one fabulous ensemble for any occasion. For those glorious summer days comes the Summer Top. This can be worn two ways, as shown. For movement and a cute innocent look, there is the babydoll attachment which is just adorable or if tank tops are more your thing, you can wear it without the attachment for a classic tank look. With a range of colours, there is bound to be one for you!

Another of our Boutique Stores having a photo contest at the moment on their Flickr page is Core. Design an advert for any of their items and you could have your winning entry displayed in the store and a fabulous giftcard prize. With so many adorable items at Core, it would be hard to pick just one thing to create an advert for! Full details can be found at their mainstore.

I'm certainly looking forward to Ake's take on Zelly's new releases this week as they are FABULOUS as usual! There's always sexy dollarbies at the store and on XStreet for the older ones, so you will never be without some Striking Poses in your collection.

See you on Thursday!

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Renee said...

Zelly, Where's that hair from in the top picture with the Charlize Theron #7 pose? Oh and what's it called? I want it so much!
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