Friday, April 24, 2009

and again.. repeat after me.. GA GA

I used to work for a boss who was from USA that he always greeted people on the phone with that 'Yellow', don't ask me why I thought of that.. hehehe...
I'm here to show you another of my favorite poses (the last for this week). It's a shame I don't have more time to do all the poses, as It's always difficult picking just a handful to use in my pictures, as I always love them all!
Laday Gaga Pose 10
Lady Gaga 10 Pose
Isn't this just awesome? if you can't imagine a use for this pose, well, I've some ideas for you ... first of all, It's super duper cool for use on catwalks at the latest fashion or, has a unique attitude that is perfect for use in fashion ...
Lady Gaga pose 10
The best use I find for it is when you land from flying around, isn't it awesome? just imagine landing in front of all your friends with this exclusive Lady Gaga pose, you will not only have style and attitude, you will also look so freaking awesome, stylish and on the wave! I already added it to my HUD, I recommend you all do the same ;)
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