Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pink for girlies?

I have another confession to make, my second this month doesn't sound so good, does it?

I have to confess that when Zelly sent me the new release for this week, I had no idea to whom she was. I googled her, I checked YouTube, I looked on Wikipedia and nothing at all, I was completely lost to whom it was and the little information I found on her didn’t make much sense to me..

I asked Zelly if she was like Paris Hilton but with pink hair? Zelly laughed at me! ... and she promptly told me not to be silly and that it is in fact Audrey Kitching!

This girl with her bright pink hair and her very unique style is ideal for this week’s set of poses! The poses Zelly has produced look fresh, stylish and cool, isn't that a good combination for you? It sure is for me and I’m really thinking to update my HUD this week ... why not? :)

Audrey Kitching Fatpack

As you know with all new collections this comes with 10 poses, in the case you can’t decide each of them are available to buy separately as well as the fat pack.

And ... during the week I'll be showing you another peak of Striking Poses New Releases.

Do not forget that we have so many lovely boutiques located at the 3rd floor of our main store; keep an eye on the blog as Jordan will tell you what can be found on inside them and if there is any of it free for rent. Do you want another confession? *giggles* I've saw the adorable stuff that the designers have made and I'll buy something’s from them as soon as Zelly pays me :3

mmmm .... Okeej! I think i write to much ... sooo ... see ya tomorrow!


Jordan Whitt said...

Psst Ake, I don't know who she is either lol

AliannaMarie said...

i love akitch so i am glad to see these poses!

Akelei Schnyder said...

Thanks Ali!

Happy that you like it :)