Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Yummies!

I'm a wee bit tired today...mostly cos I have been up since 5:30am with Miss Short, Evil and I haven't had the time or energy to do pics for today's post so I'll be using screenshots instead.

New to our Boutique Stores is Milady's Fancy. I'm totally in lust with the Alix dress in the pic and I know you will be too once you see it. Delicate lace panels run down the sides of a sparkly and sexy cocktail dress which is just the yummiest I have seen in a while. It comes in a range of colours for those prefer a more colourful look.

If you have been loving the Lady GaGa poses, why not grab the Lady GaGa shape from Body Doubles. She's saucy, sexy and always provocative and would be a great addition to anyone's shape collection. Or if you just want sexy, there's the new Nelly Furtado shape available now. Two very hot ladies and very hot shapes. Its a hard decision.

G Sloane Couture has been busy creating new and sexy things for us this week. One of my favs is Fit To Be Tied (pictured above). Is it a dress, its it lingerie? It can be sheer silk ribbons of silk wrap around your body as a base, then topped by satin ribbons loosely draped, combined with a sheer chiffon skirt but also a solid coordinating underskirt so you can wear this in the boudior or at a gala. It comes in lilac and in black and is just gorgeous.

Not only does Core have cute accessories, furniture and photography...but now they have introduced a range of textures! These will look great as a photo background or for any other uses. Don't forget about the photo contest Core is running!

Pose - Catrinel Menghia #2
Wearing - I Dropted My Cupcake Tank ($35) from Gumdrop

I popped into Gumdrop earlier and saw the cutest tank top so I just had to have it! Its something all cupcake fans need to have, even if it has a very sad message on it - I dropped my cupcake. It comes in pink and yellow and jacket/shirt layer options. Awesome bargain! Check out the range of 80s tees, long stripey socks and other wonderful items at Gumdrop.

There's always lots of wonderfulness on the third floor of Striking Poses, so come on up and check it out after you stock up on Zelly's awesome poses.

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