Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Let him to have you ;)


I’m little (okay, more than a little) down today, the internet went poof, my radio decided to give up the ghost and my day at work was just horrible. Also the difference between hours with my boyfriend is now 5 and I can hardly speak with him, my salary is not enough to cover my monthly costs and I'm stuck living in a place that I hate ... but ... I try hard to keep on smiling, even though I have no reason to.

Anyway, again this is not about me, it is about the POSES!!! What I have for you today is an old release, but a really hot release! And what makes it even better ... its a couple pose!

Desperation Couples Pose

I like the sensation when you have been separated from your partner for a while and then you get to meet them again; all you want is to hold them so tightly that it becomes desperation. This couples pose is based on that feeling.

Are you waiting for your partner to go away so you can feel that desperation to hold them in your arms again? Then grab this pose and you will no longer feel that desperation!

Well, it’s rarely that I get to meet my boyfriend these days, so every time we see each other, out of desperation we find ourselves locked in a hug that we never want to end.

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