Friday, April 10, 2009

Welcome to the Looong Weekend!

Yay its a long weekend! As if that wasn't wonderful enough, its a long weekend PLUS chocolate!!!! Which reminds me, I should go stock up on more soon!

Its also time to share some more Boutique Store goodies with you!

Pose - Rhianna Dollarbie
Wearing -
Teiya Summer Babydoll in Moss ($225) from SySy

The weather is getting warmer, in the Northern Hemisphere anyway, so its time to break out of the jeans and sweaters and time to slip into sexy, light summer dresses. A perfect dress for any occasion is the Teiya Babydoll from SySy. With sexy floating layers around the body, this is a dress with a lot of movement and style. At an affordable price, you can afford to grab more than one! There are five colours to choose from too. It also looks good with jeans. This is a very versatile summer essential!

Pose - Krista Allen #9
Wearing -
Samantha ($80) from xTotalxBettyx

Summer also means sexy nights out and this is just the minidress you need! Its a gorgeous shade of purple which morphs into a black band around the middle, giving it an almost corseted look, then back to the purple for the skirt. Its got a lovely floral fabric too, giving it a classy look which is further shown by the halterneck. Its sexy, very very affordable, and just a lovely addition to anyone's inventory.

Its time for more studly yumminess from Body Doubles! Be still my beating heart...its KEANU!!!! Whether you loved him in Bill and Ted (and how could you not?) or as the sexy surfer/FBI agent in Point Break or as the psycho in The Watcher or the role that everyone best remembers him for...Neo in The Matrix trilogy of movies, Keanu is definately one of the most chameleon actors of our time. Inspired by his role in The Matrix comes the newest addition to the Body Doubles family of shapes. For $600, you get the body shape only, plus a notecard full of tips and styling details on how to make your avatar into the sexy Neo.

Pose 1 - Phoebe Price Dollarbie
Wearing -
Delmelza ($195) from DollyRock

Pose 2 - Anna Kournakova Dollarbie
Wearing -
May in Blue ($225) from DollyRock

DollyRock does it again! Once again I am wowed by the detail and the loveliness of the items I'm sharing with you today. First is the sexy black lace dress - Delmelza. It comes with two flexi skirt options, a short and long one, which you can wear on their own, or together like I have. It comes with the long lacey gloves and stockings and is just a perfect dress for a sexy night with your sig other! May is a breath of fresh summery air after a long and cold winter. What I love about this dress is the detail that has gone into it. There are cute pink flowers moving down the bodice, and they also peek out from underneath the skirt in an underskirt layer. You also get the sandals and bracelet with this outfit. This is the dress for summer that you will just fall in love with!

All of the poses I use are from Striking Poses. Don't forget to look for the retired dollarbies on XStreet. Zelly has been very generous with the poses she gifts out, so its well worth looking them up and seeing what you may have missed. She's still hard at work creating new delights for us! I know I can't wait to see what will be coming out of her workshop and I know I'm not the only one.

Don't forget to drop me a line if you are interested in joining our Boutique Store family. I'll be happy to pop your name onto my waiting list and contacting you as soon as a vacancy comes along.

Now I'm off to eat myself into a choccie induced suagr coma! Happy Easter to you all =)

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