Thursday, April 16, 2009

One day for weekend!!!! :D

Finally they are here, the hottest poses ready for you!

From different countries and from different covers but with the same hot style, I introduce the Playboy Covers Collection March 2009 now at our Striking Poses Stores.

Playboy 0309 Fatpack

This poses as always are great in every way, you can use them in the privacy of your own room, for a normal causal day or just for a photo shot. Striking Poses always has the best poses to suit all your S.L needs.

playboy 03.09
playboy 03.09
Playboy 03.09

Come over to our store and take a look and if you need good quality clothes, make a stop at the 3rd floor in our Main Store. Why? Because you’ll find are the best designers waiting for you, with lots of different varieties of clothes to match our poses … you’ll also find shapes, skins, home deco, and much much more! Don’t forget … Striking Poses Boutiques.

Hey you … yes you! Do you own a store?, do you want to let the world know how good the products is that you make? Why no to rent a boutique with Striking Poses?!! I’ve just been told that a boutique is ready to be rented, don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of our store!

Hehehe … See ya soon!

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