Monday, April 13, 2009

Bumper Monday Madness!

I got so disorientated over the weekend that I completely forgot what days it was and I missed my Saturday post!!! To make up for it, I have a bumper post for you today full of so many goodies!

Inset Pose - Catrinel Menghia #10
Wearing -
Sweety ($225) from DollyRock

Pose - Charlize Theron #1
Wearing -
Jackee ($225) from DollyRock

Just when you think you're all choccied out after Easter, DollyRock brings you the most irresistable and exquisite dress ever. The chocolate Sweety dress!!! Omg I could just eat this one up! Smooth chocolate covers the bodice and sleeves, moving down to a chunky chocolate skirt thats just so....yummmmmy! A cute touch is the "eat me" badge! If you are as big a chocoholic as me, you NEEEEED this dress! For the urban commando, there is the cutest pink cargo set for you called Jackee. The cropped jacket is adorable and I especially love the pockets which attach to hips and arms giving the outfit a more authentic look. You'll be ready to take on anything in this outfit!

Inset Pose - Pink #4
Wearing -
Haughty 2 ($149) from Jazmyn D

Pose - Jean Shrimpton #9
Wearing -
Haughty ($149) from Jazmyn D

Yet another affordable and classy Jazmyn D look. The halter top is just so sexy and looks great matched up with either the pants or the miniskirt. Its a look that works for casual events or even dressy occasions. Don't forget to check out Jazmyn's mainstore too for more fabulous clothes, bargains and hit up the subscribo while you are there to keep up with all the great new products!

Pose - Foxy Brown Dollarbie
Wearing -
Untamed ($199) from Joyful Designs

You'll be looking every bit the sophisticated huntress stalking your shopping prey in this ensemble from Joyful Designs. Complete with glasses, hat, and sandals, this is a great outfit for lunch with the girls or shopping jaunts through the malls and stores of SL. The animal print detailing gives this such a great look for anyone who likes things a bit wilder.

Pose 1 - Yamila Diaz Lucky Chair
Wearing -
Candy Bikini ($0) from Sweet!

Pose 2 - Sandra Bullock #9
Wearing -
Spring Flowers Shirt (Malt Hunt Gift) from Sweet!

Its always a nice surprise when I find gifts from our Boutiquers in hunts all over SL. Being a hunt junkie, I do a lot of them and I was over at Malt doing their Easter Egg hunt when I found an egg from Sweet! with six lovely shirts in it. The Spring Flower one is just so cute. From a distance it does look like the actual shirt is transparent and that you have nothing but flowers and leaves covering you, but its just an illusion from the pale beige fabric. I also found the cute Candy Bikini as a gift in the store over at Malt. Its perfect for summer, beautifully cut and looks like you are covered with M & Ms. Mmmmm I want more chocolate!

From Body Doubles I have 60s sex kitten Ann-Margaret for you today! Born in Sweden and raised in the States, Ann-Margaret went on to become a bombshell in movies and had a successful singing career as well. She has won 5 Golden Globes and also had Oscar, Emmy and Grammy nominations. Best known for her role in Viva Las Vegas opposite Elvis Presley, Ann-Margaret has had a wonderful career which is still going strong. You can be the original redhaired bombshell with this fabulous shape from Body Doubles. With it comes a styling note to help you pick the skin, hair and everything else to become the pictured and finished star.

I do have one more gorgeous item to share with you, but I'll save it for Thursday to give Ake a chance to show you all the fabulous new poses Zelly has created for us.

The Boutique Stores are on the third floor of the mainstore in Glenn. If you are a total stairtard like me and have trouble navigating even the simplest stairs, there is a TP to the stores by the main entrance. All the stores are chock (there's that word again!) full of fabulous surprises and things to thrill and delight you. There are also LMs to their mainstores if you want to check out more of their ranges, so stop by and spend a bit of time browsing. You never know what you will find there.

I have a vacancy at the moment, so give me a yell if you would like to join the Boutique Store family.

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