Sunday, April 19, 2009

Welcome to the Weekend!!!!

Yay its Saturday! Time for more Boutique news!

Pose 1 - Angelina Jolie #5
Pose Middle - Kate Beckinsale #2
Pose Inset - Christina Applegate Dollarbie
Wearing -
Covet ($299) from Pout

Such a gorgeous and versatile dress this week from Pout. You get a short flirty skirt, ideal for clubbing, the medium skirt which is longer at the back and short at the front which reminds me of a dress you'd go salsa dancing in! And if that wasn't enough you have a classy long slim skirt that could easily take you from shopping in the day in all those high class designer stores (including Pout and Striking Poses of course!) to a drink at a bar in the evening. With a mesh detail to the middle of the top, you can show off some of that flesh without screaming for attention, to put it politely! It comes in 8 beautiful colours and at only $299 each, you can afford more than one!

Inset Pose - Kristen Stewart #2
Wearing -
Aqua Bikini (Free this week) from Joyful Designs

Pose - Charlize Theron #5
Wearing -
Ballroom Beauty ($199) from Joyful Designs

Once again its great what you find when you hunt around through our Boutique Stores and their main ones. This time I found the Aqua Bikini at Joyful Designs for free this week only. Its a prim bikini too, so it gave me a chance to practice my modifying skills. I didn't do too badly if I do say so myself. I also picked up the gorgeous Ballroom Beauty gown. The skirt is such a transparent tease and it moves lovely with your body...perfect for a night out dancing. New releases are 50% off this week at the mainstore, so you definately do not want to miss this! I spent some time playing the Number Guess game - which I sucked at, but it was fun!

Pose - Tanja Dexters Lucky Chair
Wearing -
Aquamarin ($0) from Medusa's Joy

Another example of the great things you find when you poke around the stores. I was wandering the Medusa's Joy Boutique Store, grabbed a LM to their main one to check out more of the range, and stumbled upon this lovely gift. The colour is fabulous and I love the different textures used to give the gown a unique look. Its a store you need to experience!

Pose - Courtney Cox Dollarbie
Wearing -
Escada (Subscribo Gift) from Jazmyn D

Nothing sucks more than having to play "group tag" between work, home and guilty pleasure groups when you need or want to join more. The 25 limit is hideous, especially when you pay to join groups and need to join more for whatever reason. Anyway back to Jazmyn D. She does have a subscribo and I absolutely love this gift you receive when you join it. The shirts are two layers, open white top and the blue tank style top, and a sexy pair of black pants with belt detailing. Its dressy enough for work, if you are in management or work in an office environment, or for more casual occasions such as shopping or just hanging out. Check out her store, hit the subscribo and keep in touch with the awesome things she has for us in her main store and at her Striking Poses Boutique one.

Zelly has some fantabulous things for you coming up next week and I can't wait to see how Ake uses them in her blog posts for us. I just know they will have you all going "gaga" over them. Time for me to dash off before one of them spanks me for that dreadful pun.

Enjoy your weekend!!!

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