Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another good Shop at Harlow

Hello fellow readers,

I’m posting today to tell you about a really nice shop that has just been rented on Harlow, and just for this post I’ll be talking about shops instead of Jordan.
Blush & Bashful Boutique is a new shop here in Harlow at the Docks, and I have to admit I’m happy about this shop opening, why? The owner of this store is a very good friend of mine, Gigi Sapeur.

She is an excellent designer, her clothes are always of good quality, the textures and hand work are perfect. She always puts in realistic details into her designs making it hard to resist buying them all. Also just to add she has very reasonable prices!

I have had the pleasure to model some of her work in the past and I just love it, and today I am going to show you how good she is.
As the summer is starting here where I live, I got the “Peacock Bathing Suit” a lovely and very sophisticated one piece swimwear in a lovely pastel green colour with 2 peacocks on the front ;).

Peacock Bathing Suit

(Pose used here " Maximus # 9)

Now, if you are in a city and want to look chic and casual, this “Lil' Miss Plaid in red” will look lovely on you all, it’s a 2 pieces suit that suits all girls of every skin colour. The kilt top comes with a strapless option and the skirt matches perfectly with the colours of the top, it’s a very nice suit for the beginning of autumn and of course make sure to wear a jacket, if you plan on being out for long time :P

Lil' Miss Plaid  (Red)

(Pose used here "Sexy as She Goes # 9)

And to finish, I for you something for those days that we don’t want to dress so much, and feel comfortable at home, well, Blush & Bashful has a selection of panties saying “I love you” in many languages like Spanish, Japanese or French :O . The top is not from the set of panties, but I found this great “Beware of Bridezilla tshirt”, clever uh? … and if you take a close-up look you will see the wrinkles in it, as I said before Blush & Bashful has really great clothes collection at wonderful prices.

Bridezilla Shirt Japan panties

(Pose used here "Attitude# 2)

If you want to expand your shop with a branch we still have some shops to rent, take a look to the info and if you want to see any in game, taxies are waiting for you.

With 100 Prims $500.wk we have

Store 35
Store 41 (this store it won't be vacant till Friday

With 75 Prims $375/wk we have

Store 51
Store 54
Store 45

And with 50 Prims $250/wkw he have

Store 09
Store 10

Well that's for now, have a great weekend and stay tune with us, the new release will be out soon and Zelly is back with another surprises :)



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