Thursday, October 8, 2009

Midweek Goodness from Harlow!

Its Wednesday, Humpday, halfway through yet another week, and I'm back with some more amazing items from Harlow...including my most favourite dress from my most favourite new store. Beware - fangirl mode incoming!!! Be sure to pick up a copy of the October issue of Icon Magazine from the kiosk outside the Striking Poses store and check out the article featuring our wonderful Zelly and Ake and the ordeal they went through bringing Striking Poses into line with the new TOS guidelines, as well as many more fabulous articles.

Pose - Sassy 9
Wearing -
AfterShock Leather Minidress from XTC

The problem with most leather clothing you find around the grid if that it doesn't really look like leather. Not only will you find the best designs for men and women in XTC, but they look so realistic that you can almost hear the leather as you move in it. From Jackets and pants, to corsets (yum!!!!) and minidresses, you will find something you love here. I am totally fangirl about this store and all my friends have been pretty much ordered to check it out. If you love quality clothing and leather, you NEED to run and check this store out asap!!!!

Pose - Hello Lover 1
Wearing -
Funny Panties from Ema's Secret

You can never have enough panties in your inventory, and the funny panties from Ema's Secret are just adorable and look so comfy to wear, especially for dancing around in your bedroom! Available in a multi-pack of 4 colours, these panties are a must have for any inventory.

Pose - In The Mood 3
Wearing -
Hermosa in Black from Awesome Designs

New from Awesome Designs is Hermosa. Complete with earrings, shoes and bangles, its the perfect outfit for shopping, hanging out with friends or just wearing around the grid. With a flaired skirt or straight tight skirt, its a very versatile and cute dress. The addition of the belt in a shade that compliments the floral design on the top is a gorgeous touch. Its also available in white and lavender, if black is not your shade.

Popcorn Food Fighter from Fire Good

We all enjoy grabbing our popcorn as we sit around watching the various dramas that pop up around the place. Now thanks to Fire Good, you can not only grab your popcorn, you can throw it at those drama queens as well! This is one of the new range of food fighters in store. Also available is the Corndog, Caramel Apple and Jello Bar launchers. You'll have tons of fun with these. I do!

Mixed Bouquet in Pumpkin from Jazzy's Home Furnishings

I have a wonderfully festive item from another one of our new stores for you. Perfect for this time of year is this adorable bouquet of flowers in a pumpkin. Jazzy's Home Furnishings have all those lovely little touches to make your house a home. From pictures for your walls to flowers and furniture, all at incredible prices too.

Black and Red Buckled Stiletto from MEB

Elegant and classy, two words to describe the new range of stiletto heels from MEB. Stilettos are another inventory must have, and this new range is something you will wear again and again. Perfect with jeans or a little black dress, they are not only very versatile, but look fabulous too.

We still have three stores available to rent at Harlow. Not only do you get a fabulous Sim to be a part of, but you have access to the Harlow Subscribo Group, the fabulous Harlow team of Ake, Rhiann and myself promoting you through this blog, notices and events, and a discount of 20% if you pay 4 weeks in advance.

Store 22 - 50 Prims $250/wk
Store 51 - 75 Prims $375/wk
Store 54 - 75 Prims $375/wk

Enjoy the rest of your week. I will catch you again on Saturday!

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