Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hump Day Quicky!

Just have a short post for you today to make up for the novels we've been posting lately lol.

Pose - International Model 11 #6
Wearing -
Red Carpet in Rouge from MEB

Omg how gorgeous is this gown??? Its the premier release from the winter collection from MEB due for release mid-November. If the rest of the collection is anything like this, its going to be an incredible season! The detail that has gone into this gown is amazing. From the delicate ruching to the jewel touch on the shoulder, its a simple, elegant gown, and sure to make you look a million lindens on a special night with your someone. The colour is amazing too...and I'm not a big fan of red, but I loved this shade! Heck I just love this gown!

Wearing - Guenevere Set in Silver from Aluinn

Gorgeous jewellry sets are another weakness of mine, and the new Guenevere sets from Aluinn have just rocketed to the number one spot on my favourites list. The detailing and design is impeccible and this is one set that looks just as good from the back as it does from the front, so its perfect to wear with your favourite updo and strapless gown. In a choice of gold or silver metal, its one set you will want in both. I wonder if I can get away with wearing it with jeans and a tshirt?

Pose - International Model 6 #7
Wearing -
Pumpkin Ensemble from Rainbow's End

Perfect for this time of year is the pumpkin ensemble from Rainbow's End. I got such a smile on my face when I popped it on and just had fun watching the smilie pumpkin faces as I moved around. Complete with pumps, pumpkin pasties and full body pumpkin tatts, its just a fun outfit for this time of year.

Told you I would be short and sweet today. I haven't had a chance to edit the rest of my pictures, so I will save them for Saturday!

Check out the list of vacancies Ake posted yesterday if you are interested in joining us here on Harlow. I know I can't wait to see what she will be posting next - especially if its teasers about new poses from Zelly!

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