Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hunt Hunt ... good good!


Just 5 days left till the Scavenger Hunt! At Harlow, I hope you all have your costumes ready! I am still sorting out my costume, so … if you are like me, hurry up!


Lots of prizes to be had and the best thing is we have 6k cash up for grabs! Lots of the Harlow stores are participating and are giving away great prizes. Of course this wouldn’t be fun without a party and well.. we have one of those too! With the fantastic DJ Tydeyz Snook playing awesome music for you all!!

Now, in mean time you can visit our sim and if you are interesting in renting a store there, I must tell you that we only have 3 shops left, each with 75 prims.
Here are the taxis that’ll take you there, if you need more information just ask Jordan Whitt, she is your girl on matters related to renting

Store 45
Store 51
Store 54

If you're wanting to do a little advertising? Advertise in the streets of Harlow!
In front of Striking Poses store are 7 boards avaliable ( Taxi here ) and at the docks are 4 avaliables ( Taxi here )

And … I want to show you this picture I made for one of the stores I work for… The pose is from Dirty Girl Collection number 2 … and with some funny face animations, which you can make a great picture with… also the picture was taken at Harlow, see our decoration is going to be awesome!

.:Naive:. Catwalk Collection - Grace

So don’t forget to mark your calendars for Sunday 25th October from 15:00 to 17:00 SLT!

Before I go I’d like to mention that Zelly is getting well, thanks for all people has been asking me about her, and we hope she gets a full recover! BIG HUGS TO HER!!!

Also, the Sale is still on, get your Cougor Collection just for 250L, if you like just some poses, get each one for 25L ... this fatpack is based on the gorgeous Demi Moore ;)


See ya soon!


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