Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friday again? O.o

It’s FRIDAY!!!

I know you’ll all be excited as the weekend has just arrived, even I’m happy and I don’t work! Makes me happy to see another weekend shoot by!

Soo… just two days till our great Halloween hunt is here, or maybe you’ll be hunted youself! I guess that’ll depend who’s company you are in ;) Also, our Zelly might be joining us, and also! Rhianna has fixed her pc problems so she will be there all night long hosting the party and hunt!


All the information you’ll need is inside the adverts, you can find them all around the sim. Do NOT forget your costume!

If you are looking for the latest release, you can find them easily at the middle of the store. If you have missed them here is a small recap for the month:

In The Mood Fatpack

Camera Candy Fatpack

International Supermodel 14 Fatpack

Also this lovely dollarbie :P

Dollarbie Pose 01

If you are looking for a place to show your work, well, Harlow has several shops available for you rent, just take a look at the information below and if you want to take a look around a store, take the taxi :)

75 Prims $375/wk
Store 45
Store 51
Store 54

50 Prims $250/wk
Store 10

We also have 8 available advertisement boards around the sim, if you are looking for something simple, this is your chance. Four of them are located at the street in front of the store (click here) and other 4 are at the docks (click here) :)

Have a nice Friday!



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