Thursday, October 22, 2009

Midweek Fabulousness From Harlow!

Getting excited about the Scavenger hunt yet? I know we at Harlow are. I haven't even begun thinking about a costume yet...cos I just have so many to choose from. How do you decide something like this? Good or bad? Scary or sexy? Ack too many decisions!

Pose - Sultry #7
Wearing -
Jordan : Naughty Nurse from Multiple Personality Disorder Cameron : Striped Silk Pjama Pants from XTC

Cam took little persuasion today to come and play hospital with me, especially when he saw this super sexy costume from MPD! I'm not a very good nurse though....I appear to have chopped off one of his arms...oops! Complete with shoes, stockings, hat and even a nasty looking syringe, its the most sexy naughty nurse outfit on the grid, and its only $1!!!! You need to run in and snap it up today, and check out the rest of the costumes in store on Harlow.

Pose - International Model 8 #2
Wearing -
Teardrop Gift Set from Aluinn

I love classic and tasteful jewellry sets, and Aluinn has some of my favourite designs, and is just the perfect finishing touch to any gown or outfit. There are so many gorgeous sets and designs in store that you will have trouble deciding on which to pick up...or get your SO to pick up for you *wink*

Pose - International Model 4 #10
Wearing -
Keys to My Heart Tank Gift from Insatiable Fashions, Too Tight Leather Pants from XTC and Ornate and Black Pearls Bracelet from Aluinn

I have to admit, these pants from XTC are my favourites! I pretty much live in them and just keep changing the top I wear with them. This tank top from Insatiable Fashions great with them and its cute and fun too. Check out their store for more fun and flirty tanks and shirts at wonderful prices. The Bracelet from the Aluinn gift bag just finishes this outfit off perfectly.

Pose - International Model 6 #10
Wearing -
Liaison in Red from Awesome Designs

From Awesome Designs comes Liaison, a cute flexi dress, or wear the longer ballgown skirt and you are ready for a night out dancing under the stars with your special someone.

Pose - International Model 7 #9
Wearing -
Jewel Top Gift from CS Fandango

I love how you never just get a simple top or dress as a gift from CS Fandango. With this cute tank top, you also receive matching earrings, a bangle, belly ring, belt and a pair of flat shoes. The rest of the stock in store is just as wonderful too! Definately a store to check out.

Pose - International Model 5 #4
Wearing -
Black & Yellow Stilettos from MEB and Silk Pants from XTC

I love a gorgeous pair of stilettos, and this pair from MEB is just incredible. Not only are they super sexy with a stunning high heel, but the colour combination is stunning too. They look great when just lounging around at home or for wearin gout with on of your favourite outfits. I chose to lounge around in my silk pants from XTC.

Check out the post by Ake to see the vacancies we currently have with us at Harlow.

Its so great having Zelly back with us. Just in time for the big party too. We all know she can never pass one of those up! Hope to see you there in your costumey best too!

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Jackie Sanders said...

OH MY GOD! did you see that ciber babe wearing a nurse costume??? i'm in love!

MandyMandy said...

I think that hair of Pic1 is very pretty. Where can I buy the hair?

And the clothes of the nurse are very sexy!!!