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Finally it’s Friday! Woohooo, weekend is here and lots of things are happening, we at Striking Poses and the folks of Harlow are preparing for our “Harlow Costumed Scavenger Hunt”, I’m sure you have seen all the adverts around the sim and of course the one that I’ve included in my blog posts.

If you haven’t seen it, here you go … again :P

Scavenger Hunt

There are many wonderful prizes including 3k linden dollars! So mark your calendars for this October 25th, you have enough time to find the perfect costume, remember there is also 3k Lindens for the best in costume!!

This is my favorite part, when I get the chance to show you my work with the poses; I took the last one of the ISM 14 Collection. This picture was made last week before I went to work, I was enjoying the sun before it set, I love this pose, it makes you feel in touch with your deeper self.

Pose 10 ISM14

If you like it (I’m sure you do!), it is International Supermodel 14, pose number 10.
I also have a different pose for you, it is a group one and is made for girls, but if you know how to modify them then you can also use it with a boy ;) just like I did…

Manitos Dulzura, Mikhael & I

Here are my SL siblings, having fun at Harlow’s beach and well … I just can say how much I love these guys ^^

Okay, that is all for today, I want to send a big hug to Zelly, she is sick and we don’t know when she is coming back, so Sweetie, if you have the chance to read my post … GET WELL SOON, WE MISS YOU!

Hugs and kisses for you =*


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