Friday, October 9, 2009

Am I a Candy Camera Girl?...


Woah, another week is over and I can’t believe how fast these days are going. This month is my first year anniversary with Striking Poses and it has been so wonderful spending my time working for such an amazing store. I have learned so much more with Photoshop and it makes me feel really happy that Zelly loves the work I do. She is a splendid boss and friend and I have to say this, Thank you Zelly for the brilliant opportunity you have given me!

And with next month comes a full year that I have spent back home in Chile, and I still don’t know when I’ll be with my boy back in England. I just hope it is soon, plus it is his birthday next month (My boy is getting old! :P).

Okies, back to the post… so with the end of the week you know what comes next, don’t you? … SNEAK PEAKS!! I already have the collection for next week and you’ll be the first … no, the second to see something about it, for now I will just tell you that it is based on an ISM … *giggles* try and find out what that means ;)

(Halloween is coming so I managed to use that ghost style effect :D )

I want to show you some of my favorite poses from our last release the “Camera Candy” collection, of course the name says a lot, and as I have told you before the collection is based on several celebrities.

So, using my imagination, I decided to do something with pose number 5, the pose is based on the original picture from Candace Rae, and is a sitting pose, but I managed to do something different to show you that you can also play with it. Here is my work, “Traveling into Time” … using the pose to show Akelei falling.

Camera Candy 05

My second choice is pose number 3; to be honest all of them are looking really good. I liked this one because it looks so casual, I will add it to my stand hud. It is fresh, natural and I love how the feet are kind of inside, it is a pose that says “were you saying what?” …. Lol … or maybe not xD

camera candy 3

That’s all for now, as per usual my daily info on the dollarbie found in store. As always they are 1L for all our members, and some more Lindens for those who are not, so … save some money and join us! … Don’t forget about our boards, there are still a few at the main Harlow street and at the Docks, take a look and show our costumer some adverts based on your store ;)

Have a nice Thursday!


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