Tuesday, October 27, 2009

After Party :)

Here we go!

Good day fellow readers,

Today I have zillions of photos to show you, all from our very successful Harlow Costumed Scavenger Hunt Party … *breath*

A lot of people were around and we all really had great fun, I must confess I was kind of busy taking the pictures, but that is the photographer job … it is not a party if you don’t have a picture to show, right?

So … first at all I am going to congratulate our 2 winners, eKitten Magic, she won the scavenger hunt running all over the sim with her 2 headed baby and pram and not to forget smoking her cigarette! Well don eKitten! And our Best in Costume winner Kyrian Lafavre, wearing an adorable puppet dress with spiders and all that stuff … has to be the best Halloween costume so far :D

Scavenger Hunt 023

We had a real mixture of costumes and I am sure you didn’t realise that we had a real vampire in among us at the party, thankfully he was kind and didn’t bite us ;)
So, more to see, I will add some pictures and you can find the rest on my flickr ^^

Enjoy them!

Scavenger Hunt 05

Scavenger Hunt 06

Scavenger Hunt 04

Scavenger Hunt 09

Scavenger Hunt 07

We still have some shops to rent, take a look to the info and if you want to see any in game, taxies are waiting for you.

With 100 Prims $500.wk we have

Store 35
Store 41 (this store it won't be vacant till Friday

With 75 Prims $375/wk we have

Store 51
Store 54
Store 41

And with 50 Prims $250/wkw he have

Store 10

Also this week I will show you a sneak peak for next week! WooT our Zelly is getting into her old shoes again… GO HER!

That’s all for today and I still haven’t recovered from such a great party … :D



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