Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm always in the mood ;)

Hello there,

Today my post is going to be based on two poses from the “In the Mood” collection. Last week I didn’t show you my view on the collection, so, here I am doing it now :)

I have two poses from ”In the mood” collection that I like a lot, why? well they are looking pretty good to me ^^

I have to thank Beolas Whitfield from kusshon ltd. store, he had this lovely Swiss style bed and I couldn’t help but get one for my home and as always I had problems to buying it. The owner was a great help with the purchase, even after I had to wait a month, of course not because he didn't want to help me, he was just going on holidays in some hours ... lucky him! after all ... he had fun and then I got my lovely bed ... thanks B!

In The Mood 9

In the mood collection is based on Kim Basinger, I’m pretty sure you remember this, and here are the two poses that I like most, the pose number 9 has a very elegant bend of the back, you can noticed how it turns a little to the other side, and not that straight, giving it a very sensual look.

My second choice is pose number 7, this one is for when you are standing in front of the wall and this style is really different to what we are used to seeing, the hips are not straight with the torso and legs looking on a side half “bent” ,matching perfectly with the complete body. What I like the most is how you can play with it and let your imagination work wonders :P This is a really good pose for adverts.

In The Mood 7

For all our people renting a store in Harlow, Jordan is back with her posts, she will post them on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday’s. If you have something that you want to be shown on our blog, talk with her, she will take care of it.

If you want to advertise your store at our sim, we have several boards where you can do this, there are still 5 free slots on the Harlow street in front of our Striking Poses store and the other 3 at the docks, the docks is also somewhere you can take the time to do some fishing with 7Seas and win wonderful poses as prizes :D

That’s all for today, don’t forget to get your dollarbie 01 and also the Body Slam pose, they cost 1L for SP members and little more for those who are not in our super great group ;)


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