Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday Mania!

And its another week full of more fabulous stuff from here at Harlow. We've been sending thoughts to our wonderful Zelly, who is unwell at the moment, and is very much missed. Hopefully she gets better soon and comes back to us.

Pose - Girls With Guns #8
Wearing -
Teresa in Black from Catagory 5

From Catagory 5 comes a sexy outfit perfect for swinging through the thinck of battle and for winning any war. With sexy tight pants and a lovely corseted top, you will look amazing in any situation. Available in a choice of colours, you will definately find the one for you there in store.

Pose - Attitude #5
Wearing -
Dorkenstein Bolts from Fire Good

Move over Incredible Hulk, its the Dorkenstein!!! Fire Good sent these adorable bolts out through their subscribo group recently. Just an example of why you need to hit up subscribos when you see them. Check out the store for more fun items for Halloween and any occasion.

Pose - Scream Queen #11
Wearing -
Chianti from Silks and Satyr

I love gowns and dressing up, and from Silk and Satyr comes this gorgeous one that will add sparkle to any inventory. I just love the gold overlay for the skirt that can be worn or left off. There is also a slimmer skirt with train option if poofy skirts are right for your evening.

Pose - Camera Candy #3
Wearing -
Deseo from Ali Couture

Sexy, seductive and just a little bit naughty, thats the designs you will find at Ali Couture. A supersexy form fitting, and exposing, dress is the Deseo. Complete with gloves, ring, armbands and even a patch for your eye, its a sexy number for a James Bond bad girl! Oh Mr Bond, where are you?

Pose - Framed in Beauty #8
Wearing -
Purple Tulip from Calla

There are some lovely hairs at Calla, and one just perfect for wearing with a gorgeous gown for a special night out is Purple Tulip. Its drawn back in a low ponytail at the base of the neck and pearls are intricately threaded into the hair to give it a special touch that makes a simple style really glamorous.

Pose - Camera Candy #10
Wearing -
Rae - Chic in Pink from RLF

New from RLF is a range of skins called Rae - Chic. They are so cute and with a variety of colour options, as well as skin tones of light, tanned and dark, you could find something there for you!

And yes, once again I couldn't help myself. The lovely corsets from the RLF, Calla and Fire Good pictures comes from my fav store, XTC. I'm such a fangirl!

I hope you are gearing up for the massive Scavenger Hunt we have coming up soon at Harlow. Rhianna has been working her hiney off to guarantee a great time!

Get well soon Zelly!!!!

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Trinity Hartunian said...

I really didn't want to OMG in the comments but I have to OMG! I love the gun toting pose! I think the outfit is cool too. :D