Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some Saturday Goodness!

Just a short and quick update from Harlow my head feels like its going to explode.

Pose - Camera Candy 3
Wearing -
Tula Halloween Gift from Badoura Designs

Another new store to Harlow is Badoura Designs. As their Halloween Gift to you all, there is this amazing dress with a spiderweb veil hat, complete with spider! Its a perfect addition to your holiday wardrobe. Check out the rest of the amazing designs in store!

Pose - Hot Salsa 4
Wearing -
Mindy Dress in Grey from Catagory 5

You need to get your skates on and dash into Catagory 5 this weekend or you will miss the huge $25 sale going on. Everything in store is only $25!!! I picked up this gorgeous gown which comes with 3 sheer top options ranging from the very bare one I chose for this picture, to more modest settings. It is a full length gown too.

Pose - Casual 7
Wearing -
Skully Toes Embossed Leather Pumps from Dance Creations

These gorgeous pumps from Dance Creations will add a perfect touch to your wardrobe, whether you wear them with jeans, a sexy lbd or with a stunning seasonal gown. The red contrasts so beautifully with the embossed black leather and they just look amazing on your feet.

Pose - Camera Candy 9
Wearing -
Glowing Blooms in Ocean Breeze from Awesome Designs

Its no secret that I love to fairy around in SL every chance I get, and this outfit from Awesome Designs is another perfect addition to my fairy costume collection. Its also a great addition to your Halloween wardrobe too, and with a range of colours to choose from, you will find the gorgeous inner fairy in yourself!

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