Monday, October 26, 2009

Manic Monday Goodies!

Wow the party at Harlow was a hoot yesterday. So many creative and fabulous costumes and the Scavenger Hunt was a blast too. Congrads to the winner of the best costume, Kyrian Lefavre, who took home the $3,000 and to eKitten Magic, who won the Scavenger Hunt and all the goodies that was in the prize pack. Tydeyz had the sim rocking out and Rhianna kept the fun going. Thanks to all who came by for the fun time we all had.

I'm still recovering from Zelly not being blonde! What a shocker that was!!! Even more shocking them me just dressed in bubbles!

Now on to the great finds I have hunted out for you on Harlow this week.

Pose - Working The Camera #10
Wearing -
Hail Storm from XTC

Yummy yummy yummy! I just cannot get enough of XTC and leather! New this week is Hail Storm, a fabulous mix of black and white leather which makes up this sexy and fashionable outfit. The black corset and patch on the butt breaks up and highlights the sexy white leather and makes this an outfit you will love to live in.

Pose - Camera Candy #9
Wearing -
Good/Bad Girl Tee for D3 and Distressed Leather Choker, Bangles and Cuffs from Zaris

I love T-Shirts, especially funny and clever ones. New from D3 comes a range of "Good Girl Gone Bad" shirts in a range of colours which go so well with your favourite jeans, leather pants, or even a sexy little skirt. I dressed them up with the new Distressed Leather range of jeweelry from Zaris. They are just perfect for a more goth or rock look.

Pose - Full Tilt #1
Wearing -
Reaper Remixed Shirt from Insatiable Fashions

Perfect for this time of year comes a sexy low cut shirt from Insatiable Fashions. You can never have too many tees, so check out this store and keep adding to your collection!

Pose - Omg I completely forgot to write this down!
Wearing -
Venice Anise from Silk and Satyr and Diamond Hearts in Gold from Zaris

From Silk and Satyr comes another gorgeous gown from their Venice collection. Like the Chianti, which I featured last week, it also comes in a full skirt with gold overlay, but I decided to show off the slimmer skirt with train. The gold touches around the neckline and hem are perfect for the Diamond Hearts set from Zaris. Featuring a solid diamond heart with a chain down to a dangling open diamond encrusted heart. Its just a beautiful set that will dress up any outfit or gown.

Pose - Hot Salsa #4
Wearing -
Tamara Sundress from Catagory 5

I found this delightful sundress in a pack of three colour options free at Catagory 5 when I was exploring the sim and thought I would share it with you. Its a lovely dress for wearing shopping, hanging out or just wandering around exploring the grid.

Wearing - Abnormal Brain Hat from Fire Good

Another fun item from Fire Good is the abnormal brain hat. A large, colour changing brain sits up on your head, and poofs out brains and stars when you click on it. Its another one of those things that amuses me no end and makes SL more interesting and fun!

We have a few vacancies at the moment, so if you are looking for a fabulous new home for your store, come on by and check the sim out.

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