Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Yummies From Harlow!

Yikes its been a while since I have shared some of the fabulousness of our Harlow stores with you all, so I hit the stores, grabbed the camera and had some fun around the Sim.

Pose - Hello Lover #3
Wearing -
Buzz Worthy from MPD

Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) is one of my new favourite stores. Not only is everything fun, flirty and well designed...its ALL only $1!!!! Yes that is not a misprint. Everything in store at MPD is only one linden. You can buy everything for yourself, an alt, even drag your friends in and still have enough cash left over to hit some more of our stores. I chose a costume, after all, tis the costume season, and what could be cuter than this bee outfit!

Pose - Sexilicious #10
Wearing -
Store Gift Shirt from Second Moon

New to Harlow is Second Moon. As their opening gift, they have this cute shirt free in store. It looks fabulous with your favourite pair of jeans. I love the colours and how they have a hint of being transparent. There is a lovely selection of dancer/kajira/sexy clothing here, so check it out if you like looking amazingly sexy!

Pose - International Model 13 #5
Wearing -
Elegance from !mpossible

Also new to Harlow is !mpossible. Their opening gift is this lovely outfit called Elegance, which has a warm black sweater and brown leather skirt, just perfect for Autumn. The necklace adds a great touch and is included. An outfit for men is also included in the gift, but it is no-trans, so you will need to bring your hunny or friends with you to pick it up. Also check out the store as it has many more incredible outfits at great prices on sale.

Pose - All That Glitters #2
Wearing -
Subscribo Gift from Catagory 5

I love subscribos. They let me keep up with everything new and exciting that is happening with my favourite stores, don't take up group spaces and every so often, they give me nice surprise gifts, like this one from Catagory 5. With much more amazing designs for you to browse and buy, you will be hitting up the subscribo to keep up with the newness too!

Pose - Lap of Luxury #9
Wearing -
October Dollarbie from Swim

Its so nice how it can be summer all year round here in Second Life. And in keeping with my belief that you can never have enough fabulous bikinis, I hit Swim for their new dollarbie and added it to my exploding collection of swimwear. With sexy tiger stripes on the top and solid black on the bottoms, its guaranteed to bring out the animal in any man. The is a male dollarbie also available in store.

Wearing - Nerdy Shoulder Spider from Fire Good

Whenever I want something odd, out there or just plain hilarious, I know Fire Good is the place to go to. Meet Charlotte, my newest shoulder pet. She doesn't just look sexy and classy though, she also has some secret features, such as poofing spiderwebs and a few others I will let you find out for yourselves. With Halloween coming up, you can count on this store to have loads more goodies coming soon!

We have had so many new stores join us lately and I cannot wait to get in there and share more with you. I'm super excited that one of my uber-fav stores is just about to open its doors on Harlow so look out for me fan-girling this one!!!

Be sure to pick up a copy of the October Icon magazine from the vendor outside the Striking Poses store. There's a great article featuring Zelly, Ake and the changes made at Striking Poses.

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