Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mid-Week Updates!

Its Wednesday, which means I'm back with some more stuffies from Harlow for you to enjoy.

Pose - International Model 4 #1
Wearing -
Dollarbie Gift from Drop Dead Diva

Another new store on Harlow is D3 - Drop Dead Diva. I popped on in to check it out and stumbled across their dollarbie gift, which put me in an Alice Cooper frame of mind. Maybe it was the tight leather pants, but I dug out my Alice eye makeup skin and went posing in a graveyard. There are some really cute outfits in store, so do check them out!

Pose - Enchantress #5
Wearing -
Grunge Boots from MEB

I love love love boots! MEB's grunge boots are just perfect for stomping around SL in and look fabulous with jeans! These boots come with a handy resizing option - and be careful when doing that. With wonderful textures and gorgeous detailing, these boots will soon be a staple of your footwear wardrobe!

Pose - Chiquita Buena #10
Wearing -
Moneypenny from Milady's Fancy

Milady's Fancy has some of the most gorgeous clothing in SL and this outfit is one of my favs. Perfect for Autumn, it has a luxurious cowl neck sweater with several skirt options. Available in a variety of colours, you will soon find the right one for your changing wardrobe.

Pose - Darling Divas
Wearing -
Jordan: Fury in Red & Cameron: Fortress from XTC

I just had to sneak another fangirl post in this week, especially after Cameron was sent this amazing new outfit for men from XTC. Not only will you find amazing dresses, corsets (drool) and jackets for women in store, but the men's designs are breathtaking, so you ladies need to drag your partner, boyfriend, boytoy - any male you know - in to check it out. I love this dress though. Tight leather, textures and coloured, its simply gorgeous. There is a selection of colours available too, so there is definately one for you!

Pose - International Model 14 #9
Wearing -
Cameo in Vanilla from Out.Rage

Out.Rage has this lovely dress with bands of gorgeous purple detailing around the waist and hemline. After all, its not Autumn everywhere and this dress will be just the thing for wearing out shopping or hanging with friends. With a sit smart skirt option as well, its a great addition to your inventory.

I'll see you back here on Saturday with some more awesome stuff from our stores at Harlow.

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