Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bumper Saturday Crop!

Its been a busy Halloween all over the grid with lots of hunts, events and sales. Personally I can't wait for all the orangeness to be over. I don't think its quite my colour!

Pose - Sexilicious # 8
Wearing -
Red Velvet Desire from Dance Creations

Speaking of sales, Dance Creations is having a massive $1 sale this weekend. Selected items in store will cost you only $1!!! Look for the pumpkins to see exactly which items. I picked up this gorgeous dress, which comes with mini and mid length skit options. Run on in and bag yourself some treats before this amazing sale ends!

Pose 1 - International Model 4 #10
Wearing -
Scrunchy Love Top from D3

Pose 2 - International Model 3 #9
Wearing -
Scrunchy Love Dress from D3

This is just one of those versatile dresses you neeeeed in your inventory. From D3 comes the amazing scrunchy love dress. Not only do you get a classy and sexy dress for a night out, but you also get a shirt version to wear with jeans or your favourite skirt. I've said it before - I'm not a big fan of red, but this shade is just so rich and gorgeous, how could anyone not like it!

Pose - International Model 6 #6
Wearing -
Rule Breaker Top and Bloody Mess Jeans from Insatiable Fashions

I totally love this look! The top is two seperate layers, a tube top which you wear underneath the assymetrical top layer, which gives a sexy and rebellish look to your upper half, totally in keeping with the "rule breaker" graphic. The jeans come in three different styles, basic, light and extra - which I think applies to the rips and blood etc on them. Btw, this is another example of why hitting subscribos and joining groups is an awesome idea. This whole outfit was a gift from Insatiable Fashions.

Pose - International Model 7 #9
Wearing -
Teresa in Orange from Catagory 5

In the Halloween Gift from Catagory 5, I found this very orange, but not obnoxiously so, outfit. Its actually a shade I don't really mind too much and it looks amazing on this corset and pants combo. I have blogged it before, but wanted to show it off again, cos I like it. Its a sexy and fun outfit for any occasion.

Pose - Girls With Guns #5
Wearing -
Pegasus Catsuit from XTC

Fangirl alert!!! I had to show off my favourite catsuit from XTC. What kind of fangirl would I be to let that slip by? With sexy lacing down the arms, thighs and chest, its a stunning and seductive catsuit that will drive any man wild, and make any woman feel like she can take on the world! You can be a supervillian or a superhero in this and look incredible doing it!

Wearing - Rae Skin in Envy from RLF

RLF has released the Seven Deadly Sins in the Rae skin sets and they are great for adding an extra touch to your outfits and costumes, especially at this time of year. Available in three skin tones, pale, natural and dark, you will find all 7 deadly sins represented there. Check them out and see which sin suits you best!

Well I hope the Great Pumpkin bought you lots of treats and not too many tricks this Halloween. I always enjoy seeing what the amazing designers and creators come up with to share with us all during the holidays. Next stop, Christmas I guess! Have an awesome weekend and I'll see you all on Monday!

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