Monday, November 23, 2009

Striking Poses at Footwear Expo! yay!

Finally the day has come, I am so excited about us being part of the Expo, the 2009 AL Footwear Expo that is taking place to benefit the Toys for Tots. Many poses designers were invited to take part, and of course we at Striking Poses were invited.

Back when Zelly first asked me to produce the adverts for the exclusive poses to be used in the expo I had spent most of my time trying to work out in my head how I would do them. She asked me “I want them to look chic”, chic? Lots of ideas what through my head and so many ideas I would put to use in Photoshop later.

I would like to give my personal thanks to the shoe designers who sponsored us, and who were kind enough to send us pairs of their latest collection of shoes and boots. I have to say a THANKS to the Bax Coen Designs team and to the Magnifico Exclusive staff, girls you made my pictures look so gorgeous and chic, just how Zelly had asked me.

A little about the Expo… the expo is to benefit the Marine Toys for Tots foundation, which you can read about here ^^

All the money raised from our first trio group pose "Foot Buddies Group Pose" will be donated to this excellent foundation. So, what were you waiting for!

Foot Buddies Group Pose

Of course a trio group pose is not enough, not for Zelly, so here it is Tickled Feet I Chubby Pack, this collection comes with 3 sitting poses and 1 stand, they are super cool to work with, sexy and stylish, get yours now! (okay not all sitting but you know what I mean :P)

Tickled Feet I Chubby Pack

Our Second collection is Tickled Feet II Chubby Pack … 3 standing pose and one lying with a free bath tub! You can use the lying pose separately from the bath tub, you just need to be creative, these poses are so much fresh, casual and sensual.

Tickled Feet II Chubby Pack

Don’t forget to look around, and visit our sponsored friends :D I have already been doing some window shopping, and this will all end on Dec. 6th 2009. So I have a huge list of what I want. ;)

Get your Toboggan here! (and follow the red arrow xD)

Striking Poses Booth

Magnifico Exclusive Booth

Bax Coen Designs Booth

P.S.- Thanks Jordan for the Toboggan word :D

See you around!


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