Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Shapes by Striking Poses ... and more

Hello everybody,

Quite a while ago Striking Poses introduced a new product to complement our fantastic poses. Do you remember what it was? No? Shapes! They used to be available in our old store.

Acacia, Acantha, Achilla, Achlys, Adara, Adelpha, Airlia, Bellanca are all the names of the shapes we offered, they came in different weights, heights and face shapes.

And now we would like to introduce our new shape……….. “Bryony”.

This shape is 7’3” or 2.21cms in height. It has a slim well made shape that will work well for modeling!

Bryony Shape

Bryony has a lovely face, a turned up nose and with small eyes, the touch to detail makes this shape match any skin with perfection.

I put together some pictures together to show you how our poses work perfectly with this new shape, both poses from the new Wet Dreams collection.

Bryony with pose number 10

Bryony and Wet Dreams 10

Bryony with pose number 05

Bryony and Wet Dreams 05

Some point this week I will show you my favorite poses from the Wet Dreams collection, I must confess that I had trouble picking poses to use… they are all super cool … or super wet ;)

If you missed my post on Sunday, then I’ll remind you to not forget to collect your Dollarbie 02, it is located in the middle of our main store.

Dollarbie 2

Also the sale is still on, the “Miss All American” collection is just 250L and each single pose will cost you just 25L … it’s an absolute bargain!

Miss All American

October is gone and our Breast Exam pose is still available, if you haven’t picked up yours, what are you waiting for? … It won’t cost you a single Linden.

Breast Exam--Breast Awareness Pose

So to finish the post for today … boards to rent … that is, we have boards available where you can set your store logo and tell everyone about your store, where can find them? … well there are 6 available at Harlow Streets (Taxi) and 4 at the Docks (Boat), choose yours and get known ;)

Ufff … enough for today ;)

See ya soon!


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