Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Too lazy for a dance ... but not for a talk xD


Half the month has gone already and I am still waiting for my documents T_T but…. In mean time I play with poses and work my magic to find you the best ones to show you.

Today I am in a lazy mood (as always), I just want to be sit and do nothing, it’s the reason why I have this picture for you. Using pose number 01 from the Tickled Feet I Collection. There are few other sittings poses in SL that I like, and this on definitely one of them, it’s just plain cool, with a touch of attitude, don’t you think so?.

The Ballerina

This pose is available at our booth at the Footwear Expo, grab your toboggan and enjoy all the sights covered in snow! I also made my own snow man :D (You have to come see it!) You will also find more poses and the rest of our collections that were made exclusively for the Expo.
( Toboggan to our both )

Don’t forget that Foot Buddies group pose is our donation pose, all the money that is raised will be donated to charity.

Foot Buddies Group Pose

And on the way, get the other Collections :P

Tickled Feet I Chubby Pack

Tickled Feet II Chubby Pack

Oh, and to remind you what our latest collection are:

Femme Vice Couples Pose

Wet Dreams Fatpack

Don’t forget to become a member of our group, this is the only way to keep informed about sales, events, and other important things. Like getting this fantastic pose for 1L

Dollarbie 2

Talking about sales… you can still get "Jeanie in a Bottle Collection", just for few lindens, check it out!

Jeanie in a bottle- Barbara Eden

That is all for today, I will see you soon, as I’ll be off to the city to meet a friend and to see New Moon!!! Wooooow! Wolfies everywhere xD



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