Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Humpday on Harlow.

We're halfway through yet another week here at Harlow. I can't believe its almost halfway through November too. Where has the time gone?

We have some new vacancies at Harlow, some are in primo spots too. If you are looking for a new satelite store spot or just starting out, come on by and have a look at what we have available. Not only do you get a store in a beautiful and well set out sim, but you get the Harlow staff looking out for you, access to the Harlow subscribo, mentions on this blog and some of the best rental rates in SL.

Pose - Framed in Beauty #4
Wearing -
Light Blue Bikini and Triple Silver Square Bracelets from Evie

As I always say, you can never have too many bikinis, and these delicately coloured ones from Evie will have you looking gorgeous on any beach. Teamed up with some lovely chunky silver bracelets like the triple squares, also from Evie, you will be a knockout.

Pose - Full Tilt #5
Wearing -
Succubus from XTC

Fangirl alert! This would have to be one of my all time fav outfits from XTC. Its sexy, beautifully textures and omg, drives everyone crazy when you wear it. It comes with leather bikini top as well as a full leather jacket, full leather gloves, bikini pants and chaps. Whichever way you wear it, you will look amazing.

Pose - Girls With Guns #2
Wearing -
Oh Sh*t Shirt from Insatiable Fashions

I love the ideas and designs people come up with for shirts. You can pretty much do anything and create shirts that make a statement, give a laugh or are just stunning. This one gives me a laugh and I love the design of it. Check out more great shirts in store at Insatiable Fashions.

Pose - Full Tilt #6
Wearing -
Jazz Baby Headband from Darlinks

Bring out your inner flapper, or just make a statement with this incredible headband from Darlinks. With diamond and silver jewels wrapped around your head and feather accents, its a stunning finishing touch to any gown or cocktail dress for a special night out.

Pose - Look At Me #7
Wearing -
Ravager from Ali Couture

You will be queen of any post-apocolyptic wasteland in the ravager from Ali Couture. With three shirt options - torn, torn with nipple tape and chained, you can show a little or show a lot. Complete with a scarf, armbands holding knives and a torn up skirt, you will look amazing when you take on whats left of the world.

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