Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday on Harlow.

Wow its November already. Where did this year go? Thinking back to where I was last year compared to this one, well a lot has changed. Mostly for the better.

Time to show some of the goodies from Harlow before I go all melancholy and do something really sing Bette Midler songs *cringe*

Pose - Dollarbie 2
Wearing -
Black Lace Fae from Dance Creations

Anyone who knows me knows there are a couple of things I am totally addicted to. Tiaras, corsets and dressing up like a fairy and flittering around. Dance Creations is running a special this week on the Black Lace Fae outfit. You'll have to pop into the store to find out what it is, but its a good one. With a sexy lace shirt over a grey bra, its a sexy little number sure to bring out your inner fae! Looks great with this new pose from Zelly too!

Pose - Girls with Guns #2
Wearing -
Arcane from Ali Couture

Nothing sexier than taking on the world clad in latex! Especially when it comes with a corset! Ali Couture's Arcane will have you looking amazing as you blast through the grid, whether you're battling sthe forces of evil or just stalking lucky chairs and sales. So if kicking butt and looking amazing is your thing, this is the store for you.

Pose - Wet Dream #7
Wearing -
Deliciouse Deity from MPD

If you haven't checked out Multiple Personality Disorder yet...are you crazy? Everything in store is only $1 and everything is incredible quality and worth so much more. I picked up this sexy little number on my recent bounces by and just love it. But at that price, you can buy the entire store out, for you, your alts, you could even adopt a noob and give them a makeover!

Pose - Wet Dream #4
Wearing -
Endless Autumn Bracelet and Ring from Zaris

Called the Seasons Collection of jewellry, Zari has released four bracelet and ring combos that match the four seasons. Since its Autumn (in SL anyway), I have chosen to share with you the Endless Autumn set. With gorgeous colour, delicate strands entwine around the bracelet and the ring to give a splash of seasonal colour. Check out all four and pick your favourite season!

Pose - Plaything 03.09 Italy
Fancy Gold Candlesticks from Jazzy's Home Furnishings

Nothing is more romantic or sets a mood quite like candles. Jazzy's Home Furnishings sent out these lovely gold candlesticks as a gift recently. They fit my decor perfectly and when your environment is set to midnight, gives the place a seductive glow just right for that special night with your honey. Now if only they sold those too!


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