Saturday, November 14, 2009

Welcome to the Weekend!

Its been a busy week, and what better way to relax than to get out and do some shopping. Here at Harlow we have some great stores, fabulous bargains and even some vacancies if you are shopping for a new spot to set up shop.

Pose - International Model 4 #10
Wearing -
Button Down and Knit Tops and Slacks from Dance Creations

Coming on Monday from Dance Creations is the new Mix and Match selection of tops and pants at fabulous prices so you can create your own special looks from the colours and styles on offer.

Pose - International Model 7 #9
Wearing -
Simple Sophistication Earrings from Zari

I love earrings, especially well designed ones. Zari has released The Simplicity Collection of earrings which add a stunning finishing touch to any look, casual or dressy. Perfect and understated, these earrings are a classy and elegant addition to any jewellry box.

Pose - International Model 11 #6
Wearing -
Silver Casade Necklace from Evie

If understated is not your thing, then this necklance from Evie is just the thing to get you noticed when you are out and about in SL. Stunning chunky silver squares casade down from a square choker, making this an exquisite and different piece of jewellry for your collection.

Pose - International Model 6 #10
Wearing -
H1N1 Skin from YoLo

There's been a lot blogged recently about the importance of looking after yourself and making sure you get a flu shot, especially with H1N1 (swine flu) still a very dangerous virus to catch. YoLo has released a range of skins for you to wear when you are feeling a bit under the weather this winter. I teamed it up with a shirt which I was given to promote the importance of flu if its winter where you are, please don't risk your health and be sure to get your shot asap.


50 prims/$250 wk
Store 9 Store 10

75 prims/$375 wk
Store 45 Store 50 Store 51 Store 54

100 prims/$500 wk
Store 7 Store 27 Store 33 Store 35 Store 41

Enjoy your weekend!

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