Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday Already?

I am losing my days again. Being from "the future", I already get confused enough by the fact SL is a day behind my real world time zone, but I could have sworn today was Monday my time, which would make it Sunday SLT.

Since its not, I quickly found some great things at Harlow to show you.

Pose - International Model 6 #9
Wearing -
Moneypenny in Lavender from Milady's Fancy

Moneypenny is a range of business wear for the busy woman on the go from Milady's Fancy. Complete with a pencil skirt in two lengths and slacks, it can take you anywhere at anytime. You need to run to XStreet before November 26th and you can pick it up in Lavender for only $25!!!!

Pose - International Model 4 #1
Wearing -
Shakti from Silk & Satyr

New in store from Silk & Satyr is this absolutely gorgeous gown called Shakti. I just love the gold lace detailing and the sexy halter top and sheer stomach panel. These colours are perfect for the festive season parties too! It moves so wonderfully when you are dancing too! Complete with earrings and bodice jewel, its a gorgeous addition to your wardrobe.

Pose - International Model 6 #10
Wearing -
Celestial Necklace, Earrings and Bracelets from Darlinks

Lots of parties means lots of opportunities to dress up and accessorise. You will look amazing in the Celestial set from Darlinks. Not only is it gorgeous and eye catching, but its also colour change, so you can match it up with whatever you are wearing.

Pose - International Model 12 #2
Wearing -
Black Ice from XTC

Black and white is such a stunning combination and no more so than in the black ice outfit from XTC. Combining a metallic black tube dress with white full length gloves for a look that will always get you noticed.

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